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      Kayla Zimmerer of Fresno, CA instigated a vicious cyber attack against a small business owner, her company, her family and her friends. Six months later, she continues this obsession and makes phone calls and emails, leaving threats and scolding messages.

      Kayla Zimmerer appears to have been the ringleader in a vicious cyber attack against a California small business, its owner, friends and family

      Kayla Zimmerer, of Fresno CA, initiated a vicious cyber attack against a small business in California, the owner, her family and friends.

      Sugarica Cookies' Social Media Manager and Marketing Administrative Assistant is currently working to compile the details of this attack by Kayla Zimmerer and her cohorts from multiple states. As of March, 2021, she continues this cyber assault although she currently operates alone in this effort as the are no other posts, emails, phone call, etc. from any other persons. If you are the recipient of any of these types of insults, threats or other harassing posts, please contact local law enforcement because they will document the report.