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      Rachael Fox, of San Diego routinely bullies small companies via Yelp and other Social Media outlets

      Rachael Fox of San Diego, CA is a serial Yelper who seems to have lots of frustrations to vent.

      Rachael Fox of San Diego, CA is a serial Yelper who seems to have lots of frustrations to vent.

      Our response to the fifth nasty Yelp bullying review posted yet again by Rachael Fox, of San Diego, CA:

      Each time this person updates and revises her review to add more insults and negativity, we will respond. Simple, clear and to address the threats. Seems she just cannot let go of her anger and frustration and continues to stalk the owner's personal social media, among other kinds of odd behavior outside of this platform.

      Welcome to the harsh reality of bad customer behavior. As business owners and staff alike, we are told to live by the golden rule, "The customer is always right". If I was never going to accept your custom request, why do we even have to call you a "customer"? And how about these ugly, defamatory reviews and the effect they have on small business that come from a mean-spirited and revengeful place? In the restaurant and other industries, we call them "Yelpers". This person is one of the worst and what does she do when she can't get what she wants, based on her demands? We kindly explained our policies for custom cookies (some that we put into place after our last dealing with you that took six days to produce a small amount of "Naughty" cookies, causing us to lose hundreds in unpaid time.) So you threaten to leave a review and then make good on your promise because we turn down your order request. For the record and for your information, Yelp is of no consequence to our business. We have so many repeat customers and new customers who are willing to understand our policies as we create art that is labor-intensive.

      We see, after explaining to her that we carefully read her pages and pages of Yelp reviews, and what she sounds like to the average Yelp visitor. Shortly thereafter, she deleted all but a few of here endless reviews once she realized that her online behavior is visible to anyone -- including employers.

      Dear Ms. Fox: Our business has quadrupled this year alone and none of it comes from Yelp. The fact you complained about and insulted our prices right here in one of your countless revisions, tells us that you would not be a suitable fit as a customer in this high-end, luxury gourmet food market. The point is that, In this case, the customer is not always right: you are just a bully who turns out to be a serial Yelper. Now you are making threats to take legal action, by saying this response is "defamation". Let's go back and read your name-calling, silly rants. All discovery. How about when you posted photos of my family right here on this platform that you found on the owner's personal social media page. (Yelp removed when we protested that none of this is relevant or useful to anyone.)  We're sorry that our attempted second interaction did not work out for you. We are very picky about custom cookie orders. First and foremost, for us to agree to do a custom cookie order, the order must be realistic, taking into account the time, expense and expertise required. If a requested custom order is unrealistic, we will politely decline or suggest alternatives, something every business owner understands. That is what happened in this case. We have reviewed the entire communication record with you, not just your posted excerpts. We tried to find realistic alternatives to what you initially asked for, but were unable to do so for a variety of reasons. So, we declined your order. We bring our best to every order we accept...our reviews speak for themselves. For the record, the business owner making the public comment does NOT HAVE THE OPPORTUNITY to post screen shots as you have done here. Even if we could, we would not do something so intrusive and petty. We have multiple texts from you with all your outrageous demands and demands that any small business owner would not accept. The fact that you find the sad moments our family endured last June "appalling" speaks volumes about your character and mean-spirited behavior. We hope anyone reading this will move on to more useful information about our superior customer service and products!