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      Sugarica Cookies Face Cookies

      Sugarica Cookies launches the all-new Face Cookies Collection

      Sugarica Cookies launches to wildly popular Face Cookies collection for celebrities, business organization and anyone else who loves custom cookies and gifts. Visit Sugarica Cookies for the best online custom cookies at www.sugaricacookies.com

      Since when do cookies make big Hollywood headlines? Since Sugarica Cookies launched the Face Cookies collection available online at www.sugaricacookies.com. Now customers and business organizations can order custom face cookies, designed from any photo (customers send selfies, old photos, fun images (including pets!) through the online portal and Sugarica Cookies art department staffers create showstopping modern-art-style renderings that end up as a dozen or more cookies delivered anywhere in the US. 

      Sports starts, Park Avenue socialites, brides, and celebrities alike have been flocking to the online store to order their masterpiece Face Cookies. They even receive a digital file so they can print their image in a large-format and frame as if it were a Warhol commission! 

      Don't forget to head over to www.sugaricacookies.com and learn more about how to get in on the Face Cookies craze.