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      Order Wholesale Cookies, Decorated Cookie, Holiday Cookies online at Sugarica Cookies. Search the best selections of wholesale gourmet desserts and cookies online at www.sugarica cookies.com

      Wholesale Partner Program

      Sugarica Cookies offers a unique menu of deliciously artful cookies for sale at Partner Restaurants and Retailers. Not only do we want to create an insanely delicious product that is also a knockout presentation to offer your customers, but we want to deliver quality service to our Partners and give back to our community. Let's do this!

      For more information about and to receive our wholesale product guide and pricing sheet, email Carolyn at carolynweber793@gmail.com 

      What we need from you: Your website address, your physical retail location(s) address(s) and/or, (if you have multiple locations) your central administrative address. We will require a statement of how you wish to present the Sugarica Cookies brand either online, at a retail location or a combination of both.